2 Sep 2013


I made two layouts one was just like that and, another as a relative's marriage gift.

The above layout is what i made just for collection.I made a honeycomb stencil on my own using the php sheet,and then made a paste which i used over the stencil and got the honeycomb pattern(The recipe of paste is found on Gabrielle Pollacco's blog).The flowers are also handmade and rest i added punched heart,used ceramic paste to write "CUTE" and also to make that pink design over the printed flowers.

The picture of the above layout is not really clear but still i suppose you can see what all i used.I used a pattern paper from the Floral Stack,then used my newly bought Martha Stewart Circle edge punch to which i added a pretty ruffle lace bought from the local lace shop,i used the Eiffel Tower die and added a sticker to it showing "perfect" just for this perfect couple and also used another die at the right bottom corner i.e. Spellbinders Fantastic Flourish 2.Rest i added mulberry roses,few pearls,a ribbon bow and got it framed.I did not take reference for this from anywhere.
The couple loved this gift..hope you all like the layout too...do not forget to comment. :)

Doodle art and sketching

Here's my 1st try for doodle art, and i am totally satisfied with my work.I used a fountain pen to make the whole painting and it's completely free-hand..no ruler,no pencil,no eraser, just directly done with the pen and i did not use any reference for it. Hope you all like it..

 Another thing which i made was a Bob Marley sketch...
For this of course i used a reference.Hope you all like this too.

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